Sunless Tan

Each year, the rate of skin cancer grows, due to harmful UV exposure. It is estimated that 7,000 people die from skin cancer every year. According to WebMD, about 50,000 new cases of melanoma skin cancer are diagnosed in the United States yearly as well. It is a wonder that people continue to bake themselves in the sun, when they know how harmful UV exposure can be.

Luckily, there are alternatives to laying out in the sun, for those who want a nice tan. Spray tan solutions are offered by our doctor for patients in our region. We have developed a quick and precise technique for sunless tanning. Best of all, it is completely safe for you and your skin.

Self tanners have been an option for sunless tanning for a while now. However, most over the counter self tanners have many drawbacks. For instance, they can be difficult to apply. People often appear to be orange and streaky after using a self tanner. Many of them also have a terrible smell that stays with your skin for days after using the product. The best way to get a natural looking, yet safe tan, is by visiting one of our specialists for a professional spray on tan treatment.

The treatment is delivered through an airbrush by a trained technician. One application takes about 15 minutes and it dries almost immediately. The bronzing benefits will develop over six to eight hours and the tan will last for a minimum of seven days. Clients are thrilled with how natural the tan looks and they don’t have to worry about damaging their skin.

Sunless Airbrush Tanning application is fast, easy and the healthiest way to achieve the golden glow of a tan.

Sunless airbrush tanning will give you the perfect bronze color without rubbing, streaking or orange tones. The tan will typically last from seven to 10 days. It will not stain your clothes and it does not have the strange smell that is often found in over the counter self tanners. Best of all, it’s completely safe for your skin. Try a sunless tanning treatment with one of our professional providers today!

Sunless Tanning

Sunless tanning is one of the fastest growing cosmetic trends in the last decade. Unlike many other types of cosmetic procedures, it is completely safe for your skin and has no harmful side effects. We will provide you with a radiant sunless tan in only 15 minutes. The results are very natural in appearance and will last for seven to ten days.

The main benefit to sunless tanning is the protection it offers your skin. Traditional tanning methods, such as laying out in the sun, or using a tanning bed can cause severe damage to your skin. Every time your skin is exposed to UV rays, your chances of developing skin cancer increase. Additionally, sun damage can cause wrinkles to develop prematurely.

Many people are still tanning in tanning beds because they think those rays are safer than the sun’s natural rays. However, using tanning beds is in fact no better than being exposed to the sun’s rays. The only way to prevent UV damage is to use airbrush tanning from tanning salons.

Sunless tanning allows you to avoid UV rays altogether. You can finally get a natural-looking tan without damaging your skin. Our physician offers sunless airbrush tanning treatments by trained technicians.

Airbrush Tanning Spray

Airbrush tanning is the most natural-looking method for sunless tanning. You can choose to airbrush tan on your own, or with the help of a professional. Aerosol sprays can be used for self tanning at home. They are easier to apply than self-tanning creams or lotions, but the results are not always perfect. For the best results, airbrush tanning solutions should be applied by a trained technician.

We provide customers with a variety of products and services for airbrush tanning. We carry DHA solutions and airbrushes for businesses interested in offering sunless tanning services. There are two different types of DHA solutions to choose from. The strongest solution is good for experienced tanners, or those looking for a deep, dark tan. The other choice has less DHA in the formula, so it is great for all complexion types.

Airbrush tanning sprays provide a flawless, bronzed look. Technicians make sure to apply the spray to areas where the sun would normally hit. It is quite obvious that sunless tanning products have been used when the palms of one’s hands and feet are as tan as the rest of one’s body. Technicians will be sure to avoid these areas because the sun would not normally tan them. We take extra care to make sure each and every one of our customers receives the most realistic tan possible.

When airbrush tanning sprays are applied by a technician, you will save a lot of time and energy. All you have to do is stand still while the technician applies the product. Self-tanning can be very difficult to do on your own, so many customers are very pleased with our airbrush tanning services.

Sunless Tanning Spray

By using a sunless tanning spray, you can avoid the development of wrinkles, skin problems, and skin cancer caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays. There are many different types of sprays on the market. We offer the best professional services for getting a flawless, yet sunless tan.

The active ingredient in our sunless tanning sprays is DHA. It is a natural derivative of sugar, it is safe to use, and it has been approved by the FDA. DHA causes skin pigment to darken by creating a chemical reaction with the amino acids in the skin. We carry two different strengths of DHA sprays. One solution is for all types of complexions, while the other is for more experienced sunless tanners.

These are just a FEW of the Benefits of Sunless Tans!

* Healthy for Your Skin!
* Lasts 7-10-14 Days (depending on how well you typically hold a tan)
* Conditions Skin
* Safe (DHA has been approved for over 30 years by the FDA)
* Customized formula for your skin type!
* Personalized service
* Protects against skin aging and premature wrinkles
* Protects against serious health risks
* Formulas are rich with aloe and moisturizer
* Even Coverage – Applied by a Professional
* Streakless, Dripless, Odorless
* Quick and dries almost instantly
* Only 1/2 hour from start to finish

Preparing for your Sunless Tan treatment:

* Before tanning, take a shower and exfoliate. Use a shower puff, exfoliating glove, or washcloth to rub off the dead skin. You may also want to shave.
* Do not wear body lotion, deodorant or foundation makeup to your tanning session. These will keep the formula from working with your skin.
* Bring a swim suit or undergarments in which you would like to be tanned. G-strings are acceptable. Cotton is recommended.
* Bring loose fitting clothes and sandals to wear after your session, to maximize tanning results.
* After your tan, wait at least 8 hours before showering or exercising. The tan will process and darken during this time.
* After showering, apply moisturizer. Hydrated skin maintains the tan longer. Do not use lotions with Alpha-Hydroxy.
* Bring a towel to sit on when you leave. Sweaty bare legs may cause the bronzer to rub off onto your car seat.
* Sunless tans do not protect the skin from sunburns and UV damage.
* Always wear sunscreen.

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