PRP for Hair Restoration

Hair is an integral part of one’s appearance for both men and women. Thinning or loss of hair can be a major concern and may even affect their self-image and confidence. There are a lot of men and women devastated by hair loss and looking for solutions.

DoctorFullName provides a new, non-surgical solution for patients from PracticeRegion who have lost and thinning hair. It is called Platelet Rich Plasma or (PRP). This procedure improves the quality and thickens the hair resulting in a fuller healthier looking head of hair without surgery or messy creams.

What is PRP?

PRP is a revolutionary step in utilizing your own body’s plasma to promote natural healing, rejuvenation and cellular growth. First, a small amount of your blood is withdrawn and processed to isolate the platelet–rich plasma and growth factors. Then, the highly concentrated rich PRP is placed back in the skin by injection or micro-needling, or in some cases applied directly to the scalp.

PRP for Hair Restoration Before and After Results

Is PRP Safe?

PRP is a safe and effective procedure that has been used successfully in many other medical procedures for years. Since it uses your own platelets, there is minimal risk of infection or allergic reactions. It is often the procedure of choice for those who want no injection of chemicals or their potential reactions. Side effects are minimal with the use of your own blood. Some types of PRP have been used to promote healing for over 30 years.

Can PRP be used with other hair procedures?

Yes, PRP can be used in conjunction with surgical hair procedures to enhance the results, to stimulate inactive or newly implanted hair follicle into active growth phase and aid in healing. PRP therapy is generally performed at the same day as the hair restoration surgery. It can also be used in conjunction with lasers and other non-surgical procedures.

PRP for Hair Restoration Before and After Results

Who are the best candidates?

The best candidates for PRP injections are those in the early stages of hair loss or thinning hair, in good health and have determined the cause of their hair loss. Your doctor will discuss your overall health to determine if this procedure is right for you and establish realistic expectations.

Benefits of PRP

PRP stimulates new cell growth and helps the body heal itself, with minimal risk of allergic reaction and infection, as it is derived from your own body. PRP has been shown to stimulate inactive hair into a growth state and lessen the shedding effect.

  • Simple non-surgical procedure
  • Promote hair growth
  • Safe and reliable results
  • Quick recovery
  • Natural looking results

What are the treatments like?

This non-surgical treatment is performed in our office where a small amount of blood is collected and placed in a centrifuge with a special filter to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the blood and then the PRP is injected back into the scalp. Platelets contain growth factors that stimulate regeneration of the cells. Your doctor may apply a topical anesthetic to the scalp before your procedure. After your treatment, you can return to your activities almost immediately.

How soon will I see results?

During your consult, DoctorName will discuss the results you can expect since each case differs depending on hair loss, the number of treatments and the health of scalp and hair. While some patients have seen results after one treatment it is generally recommended that a series of two to 4 treatments take place over 6 months. Some doctors also use enhancers to improve the treatment and may recommend additional maintenance treatments.

PRP is a very natural, innovative procedure for quality hair

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