Pediatric Otolaryngology

Children have unique anatomy and the physical health of a child is mandatory for normal growth and development. Our doctor performs pediatric otolaryngology for a variety of common childhood illnesses of the ear, nose and throat.

Foreign bodies

Young children love to sample the world and experiment by placing anything they can in their mouth, nose and ears. At times, one of these things can end up getting stuck. Common foreign bodies that get stuck include pencil erasers, small beads and similar sized toys. Generally these items require removal by a doctor. A pediatrician can accomplish this but more difficult cases are handled by an Otolarynologist. For foreign bodies pushed deep into the ears or nose, removal may require a microscope and at times even general anesthesia.

The bloody nose

For most children night time nose picking is the cause of their bloody nose. You should discourage your child from nose picking; however, at night nose picking may best be prevented by placing your child’s hands in some form of glove during sleep. It may be easier to encourage batting gloves, and if not, you might try loose garden gloves.

Protruding ears

If protruding ears bother your child, our doctor performs pediatric otoplasty or ear pinning for their correction. An incision is placed behind the ear, small pieces of cartilage and skin are excised, and the ear is reshaped and sutured into a new position. Your child will wear a head band for a week or two.

Ear infections

Ear infections are common in children and all children suffering from middle ear infections (Otitis Media) should schedule a visit with our doctor. We may prescribe antibiotics, drops, and if there’s scarring may perform surgery. We’ll want to see your child one month later to be sure that the infection has cleared and hearing is restored to normal.

Middle ear fluid (Serous Otitis Media)

Serous otitis media is very common, and the illness typically occurs during ages one to five. Symptoms include if your child doesn’t respond when called to dinner, turns the volume of the radio or TV to a louder position, misses words, or has difficulty learning in school. If left untreated, serous otitis media may result in permanent hearing loss and permanent learning disability.

Child allergies

Allergies are a common problem and we conduct a thorough exam as well as treatment and prevention plans designed for both you and your child.

Common pediatric conditions

Other common pediatric otolaryngology conditions we examine, diagnose and treat include tonsillitis, sore throats, cleft lips, skin lesions, congenital issues, sinusitis and sleep apnea.

Regarding all the conditions above, we’ll need to see your child to determine the exact cause and condition. Please schedule a doctor visit immediately if you have any concern.

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