Notox- RF Relaxed Expressions

Facial wrinkles are caused by contractions of the delicate underlying facial muscles every time you smile, laugh or frown. These lines caused by facial muscles can give a person an angry, tired or sad appearance — even when they are not experiencing that emotion. The more emotion you show, the deeper these wrinkles and lines are likely to be.

Wrinkle prevention with NOTOX-RF

Now, a new device from Bioform Medical is used by DoctorFullName for patients in PracticeRegion because it combines time-tested electrical stimulation and radio frequency (RF) energy. This helps to prevent the formation of wrinkles without the use of toxins.

Patients refer to the procedure as NOTOX-RF because it is a toxin-free substitute for getting rid of facial wrinkles. NOTOX-RF offers all the advantages of neurotoxin products such as Botox® without the disadvantages. For one, it does not involve injecting a toxic material into your face that may cause potential side effects and over time can be very expensive. Another reason patients love it is that one NOTOX-RF treatment can last up to fourteen months rather than the three or four months for Botox.

How does NOTOX-RF work?

NOTOX-RF uses a time proven RF technology instead of botulism toxin. NOTOX-RF treatments are performed by our doctor for patients in our region to provide more natural looking Relaxed Expressions™ that are longer lasting without the potential side effects of Botox.

Notox-Rf is performed in our office by  DoctorName under local anesthesia, and combines electrical and radio frequency stimulation to identify and relax only the muscles that cause wrinkles. This treatment reduces or eliminates frown lines and may also be used for forehead lines and brow elevation. of it as a non-surgical browlift. Patients say that NOTOX-RF causes minimal pain, just a little stinging from the injections and a little bit of heat, that’s all.

The NOTOX-RF procedure

The minimally invasive procedure is conducted in our office with local anesthesia, usually taking approximately 30 minutes. The skin is cleansed and disinfected. An anesthetic may be injected to minimize discomfort. Our physician will insert the RF probe tip just under the skin to locate the target using a low level of electric impulses to stimulate and identify the nerves that cause the muscle to contract.

Once the correct nerve is identified, a controlled dose of radio frequency (RF) energy is administered to a portion of the nerve, disrupting its ability to send a signal to the muscle. The procedure softens facial lines, gives your eyebrows a lift and preserves other nerves so the forehead is not completely stiff (like with Botox), so you have a more natural look.

Is NOTOX-RF safe?

Yes. Radio frequency (RF) has been safely used in cardiology treatments for over ten years. The NOTOX-RF procedure uses bipolar radio frequency for cosmetic purposes by targeting nerves that cause wrinkles and frown lines in the face. A combination of technologies allows physicians to precisely locate an area for treatment, and then apply a specific dose of bipolar radio frequency energy to a portion of the targeted area. NOTOX-RF is a long term relaxer without producing permanent paralysis because part of the nerve fiber regenerates over time. The treatment lasts about a year longer than Botox.

Because NOTOX-RF results will be long-term and may be potentially permanent, selecting a qualified physician to administer the treatment is important.

Can I still get Botox with NOTOX-RF?

Yes. Many of our patients continue to have Botox treatments for their “Crow’s Feet” and the small lines (marionette) around their mouths. However, they prefer NOTOX-RF for the treatment of their frown lines between and above their eyebrows. By combining the two treatment options, many patients say they notice more natural looking, longer lasting, relaxed expressions than with Botox alone.

Can I have NOTOX-RF if I take other medications?

Most patients can usually be treated with NOTOX-RF regardless of other drugs used. However, some drugs that interfere with nerve impulses to muscles could alter the effect of NOTOX-RF. It is important to let your doctor know what drugs you are taking during your consultation before undergoing any medical procedure.

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