Minimal Incision Browlift

It used to be that cosmetic surgery was for the over fifty crowd. Patients waited until they looked older and then asked for “the works.” Their results were dramatic, but, unfortunately, everyone could tell they just had surgery. Today, nearly one-third of those seeking facial rejuvenation surgery are between 35 and 50 years old.

Wrinkles and frown lines often first appear in the brow and forehead area. A forehead lift, or browlift, is performed by DoctorFullName for patients in PracticeRegion to smooth out wrinkles and correct drooping brows and heavy lids to provide a younger, friendlier appearance. A browlift can be performed alone or with other cosmetic procedures such as a facelift, eyelid surgery, or laser skin resurfacing.


Your Minimal-Incision Browlift consultation

During your initial cosmetic consultation, DoctorName will discuss your goals for the surgery and explain your probable outcome of treatment. Our doctor will also help you decide which surgical approach will best meet your cosmetic goals: the “open” or classical method, or the minimal-incision forehead lift. You may be shown several before and after treatment photographs of patients having similar conditions, and we will explain the treatment you can expect to receive. Before and after photos may be taken of your area to be treated to document your results.


The browlift procedure

A browlift can be performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia with sedation, or general anesthesia, and may take 1 – 2 hours. With the classical or “open” method the incision is hidden just inside or by the hairline across the scalp and between the ears. DoctorName lessens the appearance of wrinkles by removing selected muscles and releasing tissues, which cause the wrinkles. The eyebrows may also be elevated, and excess skin at the incision will be removed to allow a gentle redraping of your forehead skin.

Minimal-Incision Browlift

Minimal-Incision browlift is performed using small incisions placed in the hairline. Using specialized instruments, the surgeon gently repositions the underlying muscles and tissues to restore a more youthful appearance to your brow.

Minimal-Incision browlift is particularly useful with younger patients where the removal of excess skin is not required. With this type of browlift, loss of sensation or hair at the incision site is minimized.

What about my eyes, can they be treated during my Minimal-Incision Browlift procedure?

Since a browlift can significantly reduce the frown lines between the eyes, it is often performed in conjunction with upper eyelid surgery to achieve optimal results.


What are the benefits of Minimal-Incision Browlift surgery?

  • Smaller incisions
  • Minimal scarring
  • Less bleeding
  • Less hair loss
  • Minimal numbness
  • Quicker recovery

What will my recovery from Minimal-Incision Browlift surgery be like?

After DoctorName performs your minimal-incision browlift, there is a minimal amount of discomfort. There will be swelling and bruising that may last from 7 – 10 days. For some patients this may include the cheeks and eyelids. Keeping your head elevated and application of cold compresses will help to reduce swelling. As your incisions heal, you will notice some itching and possibly some numbness. These symptoms will diminish over time. You may wear make-up after 3 days, and your sutures will be removed in 7 – 10 days. Strenuous activity is restricted for 6 weeks.

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