Fluoride Treatments

Each day, our teeth go through a process of remineralization. Minerals such as fluoride, phosphate and calcium are naturally remineralized onto the tooth enamel through the water and food we eat. This replenishes the lost minerals, that we lose through a process known as demineralization, that occurs when acids formed from plaque attack the enamel.

If you don’t consume enough minerals to repair the enamel layer it can lead to tooth decay. Fortunately, fluoride helps by making the tooth more resistant to acid attacks. DoctorFullName performs fluoride treatments for patients in PracticeRegion to help preserve the health of your teeth.

How do fluoride treatments prevent tooth decay?

Fluoride both prevents and reverses tooth decay. When we are children, the use of fluoride becomes part of our permanent teeth development, which makes it difficult for demineralization from acids to occur. The fluoride ions both reduce the rate of demineralization of your tooth enamel, and increase the rate of remineralization of the early stages of cavities.

What types of fluoride treatments are available?

You may be exposed to fluoride through your daily intake of food and water. You are also probably directly applying it to your teeth with toothpastes and/or mouth rinses containing fluoride. Our doctor may recommend a stronger concentration mouth rinse that requires a prescription.

DoctorName performs fluoride treatments in our office. Fluoride can be applied to your teeth in the form of a varnish, foam, or gel.

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