Has the beauty of your smile been diminished by tiny vertical lines that cause your lipstick to bleed? Perhaps deeper lines have begun to form across your forehead and in your cheeks next to your nose.

Over time, our skin becomes less elastic. Smoking, stress, sun exposure and the elements all conspire to rob us of our youthful appearance. Until now the only way to make your youthful vision a reality was having your face injected with bovine (cow) collagen. Fascian™ treatments are performed by DoctorFullName for patients in PracticeRegion to offer a safer, natural alternative to synthetic and other organic soft tissue fillers.

What is Fascian?

Fascian is an injectable human implant material made from fascia. Fascia is the medical name for the thick, white connective tissue located throughout the human body. Like many human tissues, fascia is composed of a single protein called collagen. Collagen provides strength and support by acting as the glue that binds different structures within the body. It is found throughout the body in cartilage, tendons and skin.

Is Fascian safe?

Yes. Recovery of fascia is strictly regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The tissue is freeze-dried and gas-sterilized. It’s 100% safe. Federal guidelines for recovery are the same for fascia as for other donated human tissue material indicated for transplantation to repair or replace damaged or inadequate dermal tissue. This includes kidneys, hearts, corneas, bone, and other tissues generously donated by individuals or their families.

How long does Fascian last?

Since Fascian is naturally thick, the body takes a long time to absorb it. Some studies suggest that over time, the body replaces the new fascia with its own collagen. Furthermore, studies have shown that implanted fascia stimulates the production of collagen, or what might be considered scar tissue, to fill the defect where fascia lies. So, your body can both “digest” and replace Fascian with your own collagen.

Will I need to be skin tested before using Fascian?

No. Unlike other collagen grafts, routine skin testing is not required before the implantation of preserved fascia.

How is Fascian used?

Fascian is used to treat facial contour defects. The most common treatment areas include:

  • lip area
  • naso-labial fold area
  • acne and chicken pox
  • depressed scars
  • post-surgical scars, anywhere on the body
  • fat loss in cheeks

Dermatologists, plastic surgeons, oral and cosmetic surgeons worldwide are choosing this safer, natural, soft tissue replacement material as their preferred treatment.

Do Fascian treatments hurt? How many Fascian treatments will I need?

Even though Fascian is injected through a tiny needle, most patients prefer to have some local anesthetic. Typically 2 – 3 treatments over a 6 month period are sufficient to correct most dermal defects. Since the results are progressive, you will notice more correction with each treatment.

Some of the benefits of the Fascian implant are:

  • Since it is human tissue, it cannot provoke any inflammatory response or allergic reaction.
  • It is particulated, soft and pliable with a natural feel.
  • There are no foreign substances such as silicone or PMMA.
  • There is no need to harvest tissue from another site on your body.
  • Fascian can be used alone or in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels or facial surgery.

What will I feel like after my Fascian treatment?

After DoctorName performs your Fascian treatment, discomfort is minimal. After receiving Fascian injections for the lips and nasal labial fold areas, patients are up and around immediately. Any discomfort following the procedure can be controlled with medication. There may be some bruising around the injection site, which can be covered with make-up. Most patients return to normal activities the next day. What our patients like the most about Fascian is that it’s natural, allergic reactions are rare, and they look great!

If you want a natural solution to get rid of your wrinkles, Fascian is for you.

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