Shrinkage of soft tissues is one of the primary manifestations of the aging process. Aging combined with diet and exercise can cause many people to develop a thinner face. In some cases a dramatic “skeletonization” may occur. For these patients a lifting procedure alone may produce a “masked” look. FAMI is performed by DoctorFullName for patients in PracticeRegion to restore the volume of these atrophied tissues. Augmenting the volume of the muscles in the forehead, cheeks, mouth, chin and jawline with fat is a natural method to restore the more youthful look of a fuller face.

What is FAMI?

FAMI stands for Facial Autograft Muscle Injections. It is a non-surgical approach to aesthetic surgery that facilitates the correction of facial deficiencies. FAMI is an outpatient procedure in which DoctorName removes fat tissues from the lower part of your body with Tumescent Liposuction and then refines this fat tissue by centrifugation and injects it into your facial muscles with the use of specially made instruments.

How is FAMI different from other Fat Transfer procedures?

Fat Transfer, also called autologous fat transplantation, has been around since the seventies. This technique did not respect the facial vascular paths. The results were very inconsistent and for many patients asymmetric. The new FAMI bloodless technique respects the facial vascular network and places the fat into the facial muscles to provide long-lasting, symmetric results. FAMI is also the only procedure that uses specially-designed cannulas to place the fat autograft into the vascular facial muscle bed. The main facial muscle groups are injected with a maximum chance to integrate the host tissues.

Is fat grafting for my FAMI treatment safe?

Yes. Fat transfer procedures are performed by thousands of doctors worldwide. It is an outpatient procedure performed using local block anesthesia. FAMI has been demonstrated to have very few complications in the hands of doctors specifically trained in this procedure. Fat transferred to your face using FAMI can provide genuine facial rejuvenation without the presence of foreign bodies. FAMI injects your face with your own living fatty connective tissue, correcting asymmetry and restoring the fullness of youth. There is no risk of an allergic reaction since it is your own fat.

What are the benefits of FAMI?

  • It’s your own fat; therefore it is non-allergenic.
  • FAMI generally takes under an hour.
  • FAMI can restore youthful volume and provide long-lasting rejuvenation.
  • Injections may last from several months to permanently.
  • It can be used to soften the appearance of those with facelifts.
  • FAMI can be combined with another procedure like liposuction.
  • The minimal discomfort can be controlled with medication.
  • There is little or no downtime.

What if I lose or gain weight after my FAMI treatment?

In general, your body weight may remain unchanged if your diet and exercise remain the same. The old rule that your face is the first place to show a weight gain or loss is no longer the case. Conversely, when patients gain weight, it inverts the aging process effects in the face.

Who is a good candidate for the FAMI procedure?

The aging process can produce hollows and depressions in anyone’s face. Patients with skeletonization of the frontal, cheek, or chin areas, who are looking for rejuvenation without an open surgery, can benefit from FAMI. Patients with sagging jowls will likely need a full facelift to remove the excess skin, but once the folds are removed, these patients will benefit the most from FAMI. The procedure will give these patients a more thorough rejuvenation and a softer, younger appearance.

What is the recovery from FAMI treatments like?

After DoctorName performs your FAMI procedure you might have some bruising around the injection sites. This can be easily masked. There will be some swelling and it might last several days. Most patients resume all of their routine activities within 2 days and public or professional activities within 2 weeks. As the swelling subsides, you and your friends will begin to notice the rejuvenation.

Can the FAMI procedure be repeated?

Yes, FAMI is an “a la carte” procedure. Many patients are so excited with their results that they elect to have other facial areas treated in subsequent sessions. Patients can choose the area to be treated first and come back for more treatment in other areas at a later date. Some patients may choose to undergo treatment of the entire face in 1 session.

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