Ear Pinning

If you or your child has protruding ears, you may have been ridiculed, feel self conscious, or feel unhappy about your appearance. If so, you may want to consider ear surgery to correct your ear’s appearance to feel better about yourself.

Ear pinning, also known as Otoplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to improve protruding ears so that they rest closer to the head. DoctorFullName performs ear pinning for patients in PracticeRegion.

Typically, ear pinning is a procedure performed on children, however it can also be performed on adults.

What is ear pinning?

Ear pinning does not actually involve pinning back the ears. The surgery improves the appearance of the ear, including the shape, position or proportion. Ear pinning can correct protruding ears, overly large ears, defects, injuries, as well as dissatisfaction with previous ear pinning surgery.

How is ear pinning surgery performed?

In most cases Otoplasty is an outpatient procedure performed with local anesthesia. DoctorName performs ear pinning surgery by making an incision in back of the ear, along the crease. Typically, though not always, a thin strip of cartilage is removed. The area is then closed with sutures. After surgery, your ears will sit closer to the sides of your head.

For recovery from ear pinning surgery, you’ll have a dressing applied to keep your ears in place for a few days. Some patients will wear a headband from several days to 2 weeks to ensure proper healing of their new ear position. Regular activities can generally be resumed in one week.

Patients find ear pinning surgery rewarding as many experience a renewed sense of self esteem.

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