You are not alone, if you have ever taken off your shoes to find a hard area on the top of your toes and are experiencing discomfort…you may have corns.

What are corns?

Corns occur on your feet when your skin thickens due to increased pressure on that area. They can be yellow, white, red or brown. They are commonly found on the top part of the toes due to the pressure caused by shoes. Some patients get corns between their toes and on the soles of their feet. If a corn gets entwined with nerves of the skin, swelling, inflammation, and pain occurs.

What is the difference between a corn and a callus?

Compared to calluses, corns are smaller, are surrounded by inflamed skin, and have a hard center. They also develop on areas of the body that do not carry weight, like the tops of the feet, and they can cause a dull ache or pain.

What causes corns?

There are several causes of corns which include: wearing sandals without socks or tight shoes; seams from shoes that rub toes; bunions or hammertoes that rub the area; and walking abnormalities.

How are corns treated?

If you have diabetes or artherosclerosis you have an increased risk of infection and should only have your corn treated by our doctor. DoctorFullName performs foot examinations for patients in PracticeRegion. The doctor may prescribe a mixture to treat your corn that is more powerful than OTC treatments.

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