Have you noticed a bump growing at the base of your big toe or even one growing on the outside of your foot accompanied in some cases by a slight discomfort or even pain? You may have a bunion.

What is a bunion?

A bunion is a bump – the enlargement or growth of additional bone or tissue – that occurs at the base of your big toe, and your big toe may be turned inward pointing towards your second toe. Symptoms generally include a bony bump, pain in the joint that is aggravated by wearing shoes, a big toe that points in the direction of your other toes, and red, calloused skin that runs along the side of your big toe.

What are the causes of bunions?

Bunions are most often caused by wearing shoes such as high heels or boots that are too tight across the toes. In some cases it’s hereditary while others are just born with bone abnormalities in their feet.

How are bunions diagnosed?

DoctorFullName performs foot examinations for patients in our patients in PracticeRegionur. DoctorName will examine your foot to determine if you have a bunion. X-rays may be taken to examine the abnormal angle of your toe and also to detect if there is arthritis.

How can I treat my bunions?

Treatment may be unnecessary if you find that by wearing wide-toe shoes you alleviate your pain. You may also wear bunion cushions and at night bunion regulators or toe spacers may be worn. In some cases pain medication is able to relieve the pain. For worsening bunions that cause severe pain, our doctor performs a bunionectomy to remove the bump and realign your toe. You can expect a 6 – 8 week recovery period and generally crutches will be required.

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