Adjustable Breast Implants

Most women compare themselves to a cultural idea of beauty. Body image is an important part of feeling good, desirable, and normal. Having a cosmetic breast procedure can greatly improve self-esteem for many women. It can make a woman feel more like the ideal, and thus more normal, and can drastically improve the way she views herself.

Today, breast enhancement surgery is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic procedures. It can dramatically improve the appearance of a woman’s breasts. The enhancement procedure is used to enlarge small breasts, underdeveloped breasts, or breasts that have decreased in size after a woman has had children.

For many women, the post-operative size, shape, or contour of their breasts may not fit their self-image or their expectation. The number one complaint from patients who have had breast augmentation surgery is that they are not comfortable with the size of their new breasts.

Cosmetic breast surgery with adjustable breast implants is performed by DoctorName for patients in PracticeRegion. The Spectrum™ Adjustable Breast Implant is a remarkably simple, new design that enables our surgeon to elevate and reshape the breast to provide a youthful, natural appearance. These adjustments can be made for up to 6 months after your surgery.


Why use Adjustable Breast Implants?

The tube used to fill the adjustable implant with saline is different than with other implants. When we implant the adjustable implant, we leave the fill tube in place along with an injection dome. This injection dome allows us to add or remove saline using a syringe.

During your post-operative visits DoctorName will adjust the size of your implants according to your wishes, giving you new control over the final results of your procedure. The injection dome will be removed through a small incision once you are satisfied with your results.


Is Adjustable Breast Implant surgery for you?

During your consultation with our physician, explain your goals and expectations of the surgery. Your surgeon will assess the nature of your breasts, your expectations, and explain the probable outcome of your procedure. You may be shown several before and after treatment photographs of patients having similar breasts, and DoctorName will explain the treatment you can expect to receive. Often a mammogram (X-Ray) will be required.

The Adjustable Breast Implant procedure

Breast augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis using a general or local anesthesia. The procedure usually takes less than 2 hours. One of the more frequently used techniques requires an incision under the lower portion of the breast, near the chest wall or under the lower portion of the areola (the darker area around your nipple). Less frequently used incision sites are around the nipple, the armpit or the navel.

After the incision is made, a pocket is created under the breast tissue or beneath the chest wall muscle. The implant is securely positioned in the pocket, and small sutures are used to close the incision. Some of the new, inflatable, saline-filled implants make it possible to insert the implant using a tiny instrument called an endoscope through a single, small incision. For most inflatable implants, all adjustments for size and shape must be made at the time of surgery. When the Adjustable Breast Implant is used, our surgeon can adjust the size and shape of your breasts during an adjustment period which may last several months.

What are the benefits of Adjustable Breast Implants?

  • Patient anxiety regarding size selection is decreased.
  • Patient regains some control over size and final results.
  • Breast symmetry is easier to achieve.
  • Incidences of implant wrinkling are decreased.

What is recovery from Adjustable Breast Implant surgery like?

After DoctorName performs your adjustable breast implant procedure, bed rest is recommended for the first day. For the first few days following any breast surgery, you will wear surgical dressings or a special post-surgical garment. A post-surgical bra is usually worn for several weeks. Most discomfort associated with breast surgery is caused by tissue expansion. This is minimized through the incremental expansion process. Additional discomfort can be controlled with oral medication prescribed by DoctorName. Antibiotics may also be prescribed. Most women experience some degree of swelling, bruising and tenderness. These symptoms should subside in a short time. All sutures are removed within 1 – 2 weeks. Your surgeon will advise you on a proper schedule for returning to your normal activities. Most patients are back to work within the first week.

Following your size adjustments, you will enjoy the new, more pleasing shape you desire.

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